Welcome to Shree Varananditha Enterprises

Founded in 2005, We are one of the leading export and import companies located in the state of Telangana in INDIA.  With a vast Agent Network & Worldwide Operations, we represent nearly 155 manufacturing companies located in the U.S.A, Europe, China, and other parts of the world.

We deal in the following Categories

1.  Industrial Tools

2.  Consumer Electronics

3.  Health Care

4.  Security and Surveillance

5.  Auto Parts

6.  Mobile Phones and Accessories

7.  Food and Beverages

8.  IT products

9.  Women Hand Bags

Our Story

P. Chandra Sekhar


Shree Varananditha Enterprises was founded in 2005 by CSR who has 20 years of experience in international trade in INDIA.  We are a  family-owned business engaged in the operations of export and import. We are a Contract Manufacturer and have our own in-house product design and development centre.  Shree Varananditha Enterprises built a strong reputation by supplying the World Markets with high-quality innovative and latest products from almost all categories.  We established strong relationships with major Product Manufacturers, Exporters, and distributors. This success and our growing reputation led to opportunities for expansion in early 2010. Using strategic sourcing methodology and our long-established worldwide connections, Shree Varananditha Enterprises has grown leaps and bounds by taking a customer-centric approach backed by high-quality service and has grown into a strong and established company with the capability of flourishing and overcoming challenging economic environment. We are passionate about our clients and back it up with the best service. Our team members are the heart and soul of our business. Our team's guiding principles are integrity, respect, teamwork, achievement, and innovation. These key principles describe our culture and help us achieve our vision.

Why Choose Us?

We are a team of professionals with years of experience in export and import operations and global trading.  We use a wide network of clients around the world, developed over the years. This enables us to identify possible product demands and to connect them with a reliable supply. Our aim is to provide customers access to quality products and to help manufacturers around the world. We believe that in the global village we live in, everyone has to have the opportunity to take advantage of the whole range of merchandise out there.

Our services include consultation and representation of companies, manufacturers, and individuals regarding penetration to foreign markets. We offer full and partial assistance, as well as product and service management when it comes to the import and export of any merchandise. We penetrate markets by identifying demands and using products that are competitive in price and/or unavailable in the target area.

“As a niche player, we have to carefully listen to our customers’ demands to stay competitive and to provide an excellent service in order to reach our goals. Shree Varananditha Enterprises helped us to make a step forward to not only consolidate but increase our slice of the market.”

Sarra Doe
Marketing Head of International Trade


As a Contract Manufacturer, we receive small batches of goods from our partner factories located in U.S.A, Europe, and China.  The ordered goods from this website will be shipped to our customers from the above country's warehouses only.

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